To see how we’re responding to COVID-19, follow our social media! To order online, visit our Nexus Square Site by clicking “Order Online.”

To see how we’re responding to COVID-19, follow our social media! To order online, visit our Nexus Square Site by clicking “Order Online.”


Amy Counce


A native to Little Rock, she loves bringing the world of coffee and creatives under one roof. Amy met her hubs, Reid, at Nexus over coffee and waffles and together, they have a rescued coonhound named Riley. You’ll spot her most days rocking her signature headband, talking about her favorite show, The Office, and dreaming up tons of new projects. 

Ryan Landry


Ryan is the “jack of all trades” for Nexus. You can always find him filling a need, fixing something broken, or helping someone out. If you want to talk all things movies and films… this is your guy! He oversees the movie screenings at Nexus and he can whoop anyone that’s in a game of chess.

Micah Boswell


As the manager and “mastermind” of the shop, you’ll find him crafting new drink specials, playing drums and listening to jazz overhead. Micah loves talking classic foreign films, as well as cheesy action films. If he’s not at the shop, he’s traveling with his wife, Stormie, who is also the amazingly talented photographer/social media guru for Nexus.

Caleb Patton


Have you heard of “You’re Never Too Old” Podcast? YUP! Caleb is the creator and he inspires and encourages others by sharing stories of creativity, community, and nerd culture with a new guest every episode. He is a poet at heart, but sees himself as an entrepreneur. At Nexus, you’ll find him hosting our Adult Game Nights, creating new community projects and always wearing a smile. He loves to travel, hike and be outdoors with his beautiful fiancé, Heather.

Dee Tuttle


Dee has quickly settled into her new home of Arkansas. She loves all things creative, including crafts and board games. You’ll find her at the roller derby most weekend nights. Her favorite animals are manatees and cows. Being a big animal lover, she has her own fur child named Minerva. Dee loves people and will make you feel right at home when you walk into Nexus!

Jake Coffman


You’ll find Jake either on stage, behind a laptop, or drinking coffee with the Nexus Narwhals. He’s always making people feel welcome, and it isn’t hard when he refers to himself as a blend of Chandler Bing, Ben Wyatt and Lorelei Gilmore. When Jake was sixteen, he tried out for American Idol in Dallas but didn’t make it. However, the girl dressed in the duck costume did…and he’s not bitter about it to this day. He’s as forgiving as they come!

Matt Moorehead

You won’t find our “Shop Dad” on social media, but you will find him doing dishes and all things maintenance at the shop. He loves being everyone’s biggest cheerleader, learning a new skill and teaching entrepreneurship business classes to prison inmates. He has a heart for ministry and people and makes a mean “Morning Melt” in the kitchen. His dishboy nickname: “Mateo”

Kelli Pena

When you walk into Nexus on the weekends, you’ll find Mrs. Kelli taking care of everyone and everything. When she’s not working in the community, she loves being with her big family and has several grandkids she enjoys spending time with alongside her husband, Mark. She enjoys meeting new people and is always willing to lend a hand. Her favorite nights working at Nexus are during our live music shows on Saturday evenings. If you need a bright smile to make you feel better, pop in and see her!



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